Problem with Loading - Images Appearing Before Videos

I have a page of images and videos, and the images are loading well before the videos on my live site. It’s especially awkward because the page contains a lot of mouse interactions; in the few seconds before the videos load, the images move with the cursor - sort of like parallax - around the invisible spaces where the videos are. It’s completely defeating the purpose of the effect, so I need all content to appear at the same time.

The images are hosted in Webflow, while the videos are embedded with HTML (Embed) from Vimeo. I had to embed the videos like this in order to enable autoplay and looping.

Is it possible to ‘hide’ all the divs, etc. before they’re loaded, and then show them at the same time? Just wondering if there’s a simple way to fix this issue in Webflow before turning to custom code. Thanks in advance - any advice is much appreciated!

Hey @tholl,

Video loading times are much longer then photos… they are heavier and since they are not hosted in Webflow they require some requests from external servers, which takes time…

To answer your question : YES.
A simple solution is adding a Preloader to any slow loading page.