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Is Vimeo slowing down pages?

Hi. My website home page has a lot of short videos (5-20 seconds). Around 20 of them. And they all are used as a background. I know that using Webflow’s “video background” feature is not a good idea, because each user who visit the site will need to load all the videos. So the page loading time increases. Therefore I thought it’s a good idea to add all the videos using Embed with a code from Vimeo. I configured it in a way so that it plays out automatically (added ?background=1) to the end of each URL. But the page is loading (from my perspective) sometimes even slower then when those videos were added to the webflow itself.

Is it possible? I thought that all those videos won’t slow down the page because they are hosted somewhere else. But I guess not. Any suggestion on what to do? Because I do need to use all the videos and they need to be played automatically.