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How to quickly load a page with multiple videos?

Hello community,

Here is our problem: We have one page on our site which loads too slowly because we have a bunch of hidden videos on the page, and when the user clicks on any of the “watch” buttons, the corresponding video appears.
Is there a way to speed up the loading speed? For example, apply a custom like “loading = lazy” attribute to videos, which instructs the browser not to load that video until the user click the “watch” button. Or can we make the page load gradually which instructs the browser not to load the page until the user scrolls it into view? We tried " Preload = Prerender" but it didn’t help us much.
Thanks for any feedback!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Kabakoo App

Do what YouTube and Vimeo do. Put your videos in a lightbox and use an image as the lightbox trigger. Two clicks but solves the issues.