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Preloader that waits for BG videos to load

Hi guys,

Main question
I’m relatively new to Webflow and web development. Building my portfolio site that is heavy on video content (using BG video wrapped in the div). I built a preloader triggered by “Page starts loading” but for now it’s just a preloader that ends when the animation ends. I need it to actually wait until the videos are loaded. Changing the trigger to “Page finishes loading” is probably waits for the page(Html, not video) to load, isn’t it? (Don’t know how to test it, since the videos are already loaded to the browser, see additional questions)?

Additional questions:

  • Is the approach of using BG videos for video on hover optimal from the site load speed aspect? I have 6 videos for thumbnails at an average of 5 MB each and one bigger one on top around 10 MB, so a total around 40MB…
  • How to better test the loading time for the site with so many BG videos? I tried removing browser cached files, and site data, but seams like the BG videos not removed, so not reloading.

Here is my public share link:

Published website link:

Thank you!

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I’m interested in this too. Though, I doubt that making users wait to download 40MB is a good idea. I mean, if you are sure that all of your potential clients have high-speed internet all the time, then you are good to go.