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Problem loading animations


I have a problem dropping my JSON files into the assets box on webflow. the files load and directly disappear after or they just won’t load.
If the file does load to the asset box, the animation is blank although it is a fully working animation on after effects and is correctly converted thrue bodymovin with the right settings.
what could I do?

Hi @Tsoubaky

You should post the readonly link to your site, and upload your animation to lottiefiles and provide a link to it so we can test and see how we could help.

also, as a general practice you should test your lottie json on to see if it works properly - if it works there it will work on webflow…

I am also facing same problem. When I was about to place my Json file its disappear after a couple of hours…and believe me I didn’t messed up anything. Its happens automatically. Because I tried this things couple of time…I just put a json file in the editor it works fine and I skipped editing for 1 hour and boooom! its disappear after some couple of minute