Lottie assets don't seem to load within webflow

Hi all,

I have been using Lottie animations for a while and they normally work very easily. But now I want to use a very simple lottie animation, and whenever I upload it to webflow, it looks like the assets within the lottie file are not loaded.

The lottie file looks as expected within after effects, as well as in the Lottie dashboard. Only when I drop the json file in Webflow, I experience this issue. I don’t think I do anything differently than the other 20+ times I integrated lottie animations without any problem.

Anyone an idea of that might go wrong?

Thanks already!

Loom recording of lottie behaviour:

Read only link (Gif of expected lottie on the top, lottie with ussie underneath):

I feel like I’ve seen an increase of Lottie files not loading correctly in the .json format. Have you tried uploading the file as a .lottie and see if it fixes it?