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Lottie Animation Uploadd

Hello dear webflow forum,

i have a problem with an implementation of a selfmade floppy animation. I followed the instructions of this youtube video: with my own animation. The product is a 64,5 mb .json file.

Unfortunately the upload isn´t working correctly. I put the json file in the upload section. It shows up, uploads but, suddenly it disappears when its ready. Then i updated the dashboard and it appears again.

But when i drag it onto my website it doesnt shows up and i can´t preview it. So my question is, is the file size to big ? Do i need a container or something to put the animation into it ? Or did something else gone wrong ?

Thanks for your advices and have a nice evening.

With best regards from Germany.

Jens :slight_smile:

Here is my site Read-Only:

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