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Can't switch background image from editor

I’ve attached an image of what it looks like when you hover over the image - the button to switch the photo is way up in the top right (barely visible). On top of it being in an inconvenient spot, it’s where the nav is so it covers up the button and I can’t get to it. The client wants the ability to switch these images out, any thoughts?



I have the same problem on my own site. I’m pretty sure that almost every slider ends up with this problem as they bleed right into the top corner.

On this site for instance:

This is something that the client would like to change themselves. I can’t see a way to move the change image button without altering the design.

Perhaps the change background image button could be moved so that it’s padded to be inside the image frame, rather than in the corner? Or the center perhaps?

This is also a problem when the border-radius is set to 50%, and the size of the circle edges are larger than the button. It simply disappears.

Since the access to the designer can’t be shared without sharing my whole account I can’t see a resolution. Changing the account ownership of the website also isn’t a great solution.

Is there anything in the wishlist requesting an update to this?

Exactly @jimmychur. I can’t believe this is still an issue and also that you’re the only person who replied to this, lol. I am unaware of anything in the wishlist, unfortunately.

My solution was to turn the slider into a symbol, add margin to the top and bottom of the arrow container.

Then, make a blank page with only the slider. I also made a large “spacer” block to force it down this template page so that they can access the button. This template page has a password on it, and a “nofollow” tag.

Not an ideal fix but good enough I suppose.

I got the fix idea from somewhere else on this forum.

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I appreciate you providing a solution even if it isn’t an ideal one. Very clever. However, I still wish Webflow would address this.

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thanks for the work around!
can believe web-flow hasn’t fixed this yet??!!

OK – it seems like my “fix” has suddenly stopped working entirely now…

@Peter_Eller @outerwhitespace

Is your background image button working at all?? Below is an image of my problem. No matter where I hover over the slider image, it doesn’t pop up at all. So frustrating.

Mine has suddenly broken, and the client is asking questions. I have emailed support to get some answers.

@Waldo – can you help??

I have gone through the same issue for hero section.
I got the work-around. Just add a collection for background and add collection list, so that client can anytime replace the image in collection from Editor mode.