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Problem connecting Lightbox to CMS Video Link

Hi all,

I’m quite new to Webflow so probs a very basic question. I’m trying to use the Lightbox feature to display my portfolio, using CMS. When I set up the Collection, I included a video link but on the light box options, it’s only allowing me to select an image, the video link option is not coming up at all:

webflow screenshot

Is there a way for it to bind this field to the video link field on the cms or do you need to copy each link in manually?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Here is my site Read-Only: Preview

That video give you answer for your question

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Thank you! Basically, in the Lightbox Link settings, it’s not giving me the option to bind a video link. It only gives me the option to bind it to an image - but from the tutorials I’ve watched my understanding is that I should be able to bind a video link too.

I could get it to work on a grid with a link block, but not with a lightbox for some reason and can’t work out why not.

Some components dosnt work with CMS ( slider, …)

Its sad :cry:

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Okay good to know! Thought I’d perhaps made a mistake somewhere haha - appreciate your help :grinning:

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