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Looking for my lightbox to pull a URL from a collection

Hi, I am trying to get a video to start playing once a lightbox is clicked. I want the URL to come from a collection.

It gives me the option to pull images from the CMS, but not videos or URLs. Is this possible?

Yes, there’s “Video URL” field in CMS.

Thanks for the reply. I have a video URL field with vimeo URLS added, but it doesnt let me pull from here. It gives me the option to “Pull media from (my collection)”, but only gives me options for images. I cant seem to get it to link up to my URLs. Do i need to use an embed or something?


I’m not sure why is that, can you share read-only link?

Sorry I actually dont know what I was doing wrong, but I literally seemed to have solved it since messaging here.

Thank you for your offer to help, even telling me that it SHOULD be able to pull from the CMS made me look again and i figured it out. Thank you very much! Sorry for the trouble.

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Maybe you looked at Lightbox thumbnail image and not it’s content. :thinking: