Problem collection list photos are stocking, if im resize the browser window (Google Chrome, Safari)


I found a Webflow Bug, if im resizing the browser window, the Collection-List (Section IQONIC Experten) Images stocking and the render of the CSS is not working.

Here is a link to try it: IQONIC Website

It would be nice there are any solutions from you guys:)


All looks normal when I try and resize the browser window. (Tried in Safari and Opera)
Can you share a visual of the problem you’re seeing? Not sure what you mean by ‘stocking’.

If im resizing the Browser Window from tablet to Desktop Version. The Image have other spacings and the render of browser is not right. Look at the Screenshot.

Thank you for the answer. I hope i will get it soon guys:)

i checked again, its only in safari.

Can’t help then – seems to show correctly in my Safari (v. 14.1.1)

But try to resize the window browser from the tablet version to the desktop version.

I can see that now. You should also provide a read-only share link to your project, which might help someone can take a look. Strange that it’s only in Safari. Share a read-only link | Webflow University

Here is the read only link of the Website: Webflow - IQONIC Website

You can find the Page under Collection Page “Experts Template”.

Would be nice if you find a solution.


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