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Trouble with "Collection List"

Hey guys!

I am a freelance illustrator and wanna share my works with a webflow design. Since I have a graphic design and 2D animation background I am trying to pull it off myself. But I think my high aspirations and standards are colliding on the huge cliff of my inabilities with webdesign and I hope to find some eroding waves here.

My problem is with the collection list. I managed to create a list that responds to browser changes good enough but for some reason (even though the settings are the same) it’s not displaying properly from tablet on down. I cannot make out why.

The other trouble I have is the size of the images. They are 500x500px but I’d like them to shrink down to the container’s size. Even clicking ‘shrink if needed’ in the parent isn’t doing anything.
There’s several animations attached to this container. Could this be a problem causer?

I hope this is a thorough enough of a description for you guys. Thanks for your help and stay healthy!

Link below…

Could anybody lend me a hand here. I am seriously stuck with my project. Thanks a ton! :slight_smile:

I worked it a little more. Here’s the updated link:

Hi, I’m not too sure what you are looking for, but from what I can gather you want it to look like this?

Yes, that’s it. Of course the animations and the b/w background image have to be adjusted accordingly.

For both of the layers you need to add a background-image settings. See image.

Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 17.56.45

But all three images (the colored one, black & white one and the title) are pulled from the CMS. Is there a way to adjust them that way?

Yes, even though they are from CMS, you can still add this Settings. It will not affect the image. I have tried it on your read only site.

Legend mate! Thanks a Ton! It worked. :webflow_heart: