Safari 15.5 CMS collection issues


Here is my problem. I have always used Safari to do my designs on Webflow but since I upgraded my Mac to Monterey and Safari is in version 15.5 I have a display bug concerning my CMS collections.
Indeed, everything is packed in a very strange way and I can’t make any improvement on the part I’m interested in without deleting everything and starting again.

The worst is that this display bug also affects the live site because the part I’m interested in is simply not displayed at all.

I don’t have this problem on Chrome because everything displays normally, no problem on Safari Mobile either, but when it comes to Safari Desktop no way to find a solution to this problem.

The read only link: Webflow - SIDEBAY STUDIO

The live website: Webflow

Is there a solution to this problem? thanks in advance for your help!

The quick solution is to use Chrome (I use Brave or Edge myself) or wait for the dev team to resolve the issue. You should consider submitting a trouble ticket since the forum is not an official Webflow support channel.

Hi! I found the solution with a bit of DIY, thanks for your tips!