Private blog post (not shared-preview)

Is it possible to create a blog post that is not visible on public pages and nonindexed?

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Sort of.

For a Collection Item page not being visible by the public, it has to be not listed. So you can have a toggle field called “Not Listed”, and turn it on on those post. Then, in all Collection Lists, you filter out every item that has the toggle field ON.

Now for indexation, you need a <meta> code in the <head> of your blog post page. <meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow"> most exactly. So, you can have a text field called “Head Custom Code” in your Collection. And you’ll put that code in it for posts you want to exclude from being indexed by Google. Then, in the Page Settings of the Collection Page Template, in the Head custom code section, you simply add the Head Custom Code field.

Never tried but should work.