Filtering CMS Collection PAGES

I have a CMS collection and created my design on the template page.

Is there a way to toggle/filter only certain CMS items to have a CMS Collection page? There are some that I do not want to have a page and/or be indexed by Google.

Is it an all-or-nothing decision?

Cheers, Adam

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So there is a way, but it’s quite gimmicky. For now it’s the only reasonable solution in my opinion though!

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In your CMS, add an option field with two values noindex and all.
Make it required and choose the one you want for each of your CMS items.

In your Collection Page </head> custom code area, add this-

<meta name="robots" content=" EMBED YOUR FIELD HERE " />

Where indicated, embed the field you’ve created. This will ensure that the page is clearly marked to google to include (all) or exclude (noindex) from search results.

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For this part of your question, specifically, just don’t publish that item. There are draft, staged, and published settings at the CMS item level. The first two don’t show up on your live site, that last one does. You also get this through the API along with “archived”.

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