How to hide blog post from blog page?

Hi everyone, there’s one blog post that we want to appear in search results on Google but we don’t want it to turn up on the regular blog page. It’s a little off topic and we don’t think it’s necessary to have on the blog page.

Is there an easy way to do this?

Google frowns on hiding content from Users, while making it visible to Googlebot, that’s considered black-hat SEO. So don’t try to “hide” the post, per-se.

If you just want to remove it from e.g. a homepage collection list of blog posts, just add a switch field to your blog CMS collection like Suppress?, tick it for the few posts you’re wanting to de-emphasize, and then in your collection list filter on Suppress? is false.

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Thank you! Will test this out.

Hey, can you please share some screen shots of the process? I am trying to do the same but not able to figure out the right method

In your collection settings, add a “suppress” switch for the posts. Turn the switch on for all posts that you don’t want to display.

Then, in your collection list settings, add a filter that tells the list to only display posts that don’t have the switch on

We’ve come across a puzzling situation where we want a specific blog post to show up in Google search results, but we don’t want it to appear on our regular blog page. The post in question is a bit off-topic and doesn’t quite fit the theme of our blog page, so we’d prefer to keep it separate. When we tried to exclude it from the blog page, it ended up not being indexed by Google at all, which wasn’t our intention. We’d really like to strike a balance where this post shows up in search results while not cluttering our main blog page.


First, you cannot “hide” it as in hidden text, or Google will see that as blackhat-SEO and penalize you accordingly.

Second, what appears on your blog directory page does not determine what Google can “see”. As long as you have the blog article on your site, accessible via e.g. /blog/my-article and you have sitemaps enabled, Google will find it and index it.


  • Automated sitemaps is best for this, so that you pick up all published content
  • You need to register your site and sitemap with Google Search Console for optimal indexing
  • The signal strength on that article will be slightly reduced, since you’re not even linking to it from your own site. You may need to do some promotion in the form of backlinks from other reputable sites in order for Google to give it a decent pagerank.