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Exclude specific CMS item pages from Google

I need to hide/exclude certain CMS collection item pages from Google. How do I go about doing this? Can’t seem to find a straightforward answer.


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I think this topic is more about hiding specific items via properties from CMS collection item.

Let’s assume I have a “hide” field in my collection to control whether the content is visible on my page and collection grids.

For CMS Collection page I’d now like to add <meta name="robots" content="noindex"> or use the checkbox in the “Site search settings” based on the boolean field “hide”.

A current workaround would be to add another field to the collection (e.g. “SEO Index”) and set it to “all” or “noindex” and insert this field into the custom code meta tag. (<meta name="robots" content="<INSERT_FIELD_HERE>">

However this is not ideal, especially when there are already a few hundred entries which all need to be updated. Conditionally setting this meta tag with JS would not be a great choice for SEO bots.

Imo the best option would be to conditionally hide CMS collection pages based on a selected field in the “Site search settings”, similar to the SEO title and description.