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Price and functionality of the Team Packages

I’ll start this off by saying that up to this point I have loved everything about Webflow and it has helped to grow my business substantially. I help populate a subreddit for Webflow, Waldo probably knows me by name, and I continue to sell Webflow sites to every single new client I obtain. However, on the issue of pricing I feel they have let me down. I just hired my first employee and he needs to be able to be logged into and working in Webflow at the same time as I am. Just to get that functionality I have to pay $78/mo. What’s more is even with that package, we are unable to work on the same site at the same time.

To put this price-point in perspective, I pay less than $50/mo for the Adobe Creative Cloud. That gives me access to every single one of their powerful desktop apps, cloud storage, Typekit, and for $10/mo more very high quality and very cheap stock photos, vectors, and illustrations. Compared to the 78/mo (if you pay all at once) for a single web-based application with zero add ons (just more hosting “packages” you have to buy) from the Individual Professional account I currently hold.

I’ll gladly pay you more money Webflow! But not when you’re greedy and charge me nearly 1k a year for something I won’t own and only adds a teensie bit of functionality for my team. It’s a shame because I love this platform and the support team is amazing. I may be looking elsewhere to take my and my clients’ business if this is the way they’re going. Nobody appreciates being nickel and dimed.

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Where’s that? /r/webflow?

Just to be clear, that doesn’t allow to work on the same site at the same time. When one log on a sites’ designer view, the other is logged out.