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Collaborators @ "$6 a month per person"

Webflow, you guys are the bomb. You know what you’re doing when it comes to building tools that are easy to use. But $6 per collaborator. I feel like we are being nickeled and dimed for every single feature here.


I don’t think my Clients would have a problem adding collaborators at $6 ea… but I think you should be able to have unlimited (Up to 20) collaborators for a fair fixed price, otherwise… $6 X 20 = :frowning:/Month

Would love to see a different pricing structure for this.

$4 is more easily swallowed by my clients. $6 is a little on the high side.

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I don’t understand why this should cost anything in the first place? Maybe have a cap of 5 before charging people for additional collaborators.


Will CMS hosting still give 1 collaborators access for free or do we have to pay for that one now as well?

Also fully agree with everyone above that the price is way out of his place. Paying for such a basic feature makes no sense…

I understand that developing a tool like webflow cost money but if you keep this price structure up it will in the end only work against you.

[quote]A charge of $6 per person per month is added for each additional collaborator after the first one (the first collaborator is included in CMS hosting).

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Seriously Webflow!?

My client has been waiting for this for a few months. I’m spending my time convincing him that Webflow was a wise decision rather than choosing something more familiar (and convoluted) like Wordpress. I know Webflow is better, but he only see’s the login screens and the speed with which the article goes online, doesn’t he?

Multi user support was one of the most basic things that you had the opportunity to give to users (not dev’s, but the people uploading content in the CMS) to get them on side, and instead it’s $6 per person a month?

I actually stopped writing the email to tell my client that the feature he’d been wanting for 2 months is available, because I am writing this to you now. Seriously. It’s a complete rip off for something so rudimentary - and what’s been said above is 100% true - what if he needs three logins? Extra $18/month on top of $30/month already.

Please stop charging for absolutely every incremental development - it makes me question your motivations. Thanks.


Webflow is quickly becoming out of reach for the people that can benefit from it most. The Freelancer or super small teams. It’s becoming not feasible to go all in with Webflow, and the groups that can afford to take advantage of all Webflow has to offer use a free solution like Wordpress to maximize profits.

What is Webflow trying to be? Who are they trying to compete with? Is this suppose to be for actual developers? Or is this meant to be an all in one solution for a single end user? Priced as a single solution works since it’s still far cheaper than getting a developer to do it, but using this as a tool to develop many sites for clients, not so much now as a one man show or small team. Especially if they get comfy adding a price to new features down the road.

Maybe They are looking to make this more enterprise than community. It’s still an awesome product and they should be proud.

:scream: $6 per user is an insult for clients that already pay $35 what’s next? Pay per post?
I love webflow but they really need help with the pricing structure, I know you need to be profitable but this makes me go away from webflow.

Learn something from Squarespace, it’s not webflow but they have a nice price structure.


The fact that I can pitch this as a collaborative real-time tool to clients to use with their teams adds a lot of value.

I can easily offer this to a client for $10/Month per colloborator.
In fact, I just finished a proposal for a client with this included.
If you can demonstrate the value then it’s worth it.

It would be really nice however to have a pricing cap of some sort.
Thank you Webflow!

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I do love webflow and everything you have done so far but $6 seems excessive per collaborator. I know you guys read the forums and respond well to feedback so i’m sure you will see this is a hard pill for many to swallow. I want everyone to use webflow so please don’t price yourselves out of existence. You guys made a great decision in the past adjusting your pricing to what it is now for hosting. Heres hoping you do the same for collaboration.


I joined webflow one month ago and was thrilled by this awesome piece of webapp. I accepted the pricing because I get a nice working website builder and hosting server which saves me really time. I decided to do all the new websites for my clients within webflow. But the collaborator pricing is way to high for this basic feature. Please think about it, cause I don’t want to change the provider again :cry:

Or is this such a thing like with swiftype?

I really hope not.

This may seem off topic a bit, but your the second person I’ve seen in this thread mention charging clients over $10/mo for hosting fees on CMS sites.

Am I missing something?

As of now, I charge $10/mo for hosting CMS powered sites, since the additional cost on my Personal account to add another site (until I reach the limit) is $10/mo. If my client want’s a “basic” site, the cost to them is $5/mo, and if they want additional features after the initial project is completed, they are charged additional fees for the additional time I spend manipulating their website (via Webflow).

If I were to charge over $10/mo for web hosting, all of my clients would resort to moving to a platform such as WordPress (even though most of the time WP is wildly overbuilt for the types of websites I take on) and I would lose business. It’s a very hard sell when the main benefit to the client is the ability for me as the designer to create the type of website (with all the features) they are looking for.

Essentially, $120/yr is the most I can feasibly charge my type of client without having to vehemently defend Webflow over other popular (and cheaper) options and risk losing them to other developers.

Obviously, if they were wanting to do this themselves - using the Webflow platform - they would pay the $15/mo for their CMS site and $10/mo for a “basic” site (on the Free plan). Right off the bat, they save $5/mo using a “Webflow Designer” such as myself, instead of working through it on their own, and I feel this cost is easy for them to justify, especially considering the knowledge I have already accumulated over my time with the platform, however WordPress developers are not hard to find.

When it comes down to it, are you charging more to make money off of hosting costs (or regular updating/maintenance of the core website structure) or am I missing something?

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To be fair… $40 per month for a robust and secure CMS site, Wordpress or otherwise, isn’t exorbitant. Unless you’re comparing it to cheap shared hosting, look at any Wordpress managed hosting option and you’ll see costs that start at $200 per year.

With Webflow you get an easier to use platform that is more secure than a typical Wordpress deployment. Just my 2 cents.


What is the reasoning behind $6 a month to add a collaborator? Seriously. It’s not a resource issue and you know it. Why is it that Webflow has so many issues pricing things competitively when they roll out much-request features? You’re a SaaS platform that should have these kinds of issues ironed out already.

Hire someone who knows how to price things against your costs in favor of your users, not your investors.

I hate that I have to do this again, but charing $6 for each collaborator on top of the many fees is uncalled for. Just like with the white-label, this should be included for Pro members. I’d be surprised if the price hikes hadn’t already hurt revenue, but I’m betting in the long haul it will. I’d bet that the day will come when there will have to be a MAJOR pricing re-structure just to stay competitive.

I say this not to be bitchy but in hopes that you guys will listen. Not that I need it today but this is a bit alarming, and sends another red flag. How many people are sticking with WordPress or Weebly or something else for their site or their clients’ sites because of the constant nickel and diming with the fees? It’s getting very hard for us to make any kind of a profit.

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Everyone needs to realize that Webflow has a few dozen highly skilled employees who work diligently and quickly to push out new features to use pretty frequently. This probably isn’t cheap for them and they deserve to profit from their work.
Also, keep in mind that they have been backed by investment cash from various groups. They have to answer to these investors regularly, most likely being hounded by the topic of profitability.
Lastly, as designers you need to brush up on your sales skills. Sell the value of the service, not the feature. If the clients needs this value, they’ll pay for. And they should. I’d venture to say you can even turn a profit from it. If they aren’t willing to pay for collaborators, then they’ll be paying you handsomely to maintain it for them. If they don’t see the value, the can go elsewhere and sacrifice quality. Move on to the next.
I don’t believe Webflow is greedy. I think they work hard to deliver an amazing product and there are many factors behind the scenes we aren’t aware of. They need to be paid for their work, as do you.
Read some sales books and polish up your skills.


@Syndicate15 Very nicely said. :grinning:

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it’s not about being able to sell it…hell i wrote a whole list and posted on this very forum about the advantages of webflow over wordpress…however the pricing is becoming skewed for my needs and my client needs…right now i am jumping ship from webflow because I don’t want to be stuck in this ecosystem and this pricing model…i’m going back to wordpress … i’ll play around with the divi theme from elegant instead…i really like webflow but there are some red flags that i just can not ignore any longer…i am not the customer that fits their profile…their pricing model feels like it is going in the direction of the enterprise or single use user which i am neither…i wish them well…i will keep an eye out to see how the platform grows…but for now it is no longer a good fit.

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