Preview button next to the publish button?

I feel it more intuitive to look for the preview button on the right side of the screen, next to the publish button. It also seems to require less mouse movement as most happens in the centre of the screen or on the right. What do you think?

That’s the way I had it in the beginning but it wasn’t intuitive to go to preview mode and leave quickly. Although I’m not sure that’s a big problem since when you preview a site you stay in the preview for a while.

it wasn’t intuitive to go to preview mode and leave quickly.

It was not intuitive to have it placed on the right or previewing for a very short time was not intuitive?

If you are speaking about the latter, actually I switch to preview back and forth very often. I do this when I want to see how a certain change would affect the final thing. Very often I am doing a ton of adjustments and I am actually staying in the preview for a very short time, only to see how things look after the recent adjustment.

PS: Wix have the preview on the button and it really feels convenient there.

Why don’t you use the keyboard shortcut for preview Mode:
Shift + ⌘ + P (Mac) or Shift + ctrl + P (Windows)

which saves a lot of mouse movement :smile:

i use ‘publish site’ a lot, would love to have a shortcut for that too! (instead of having to click that green button there.


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The preview button would move all the way to the right because the Styles, Settings, etc tabs are removed in preview mode. So you’d have to move your mouse like 100px to undo preview mode. It’s a weird experience. I do agree that the location is more intuitive next to the publish.

Shift + ⌘ + P (Mac) or Shift + ctrl + P (Windows)

Shortcuts FTW!

I didn’t know about that, thanks!

=> Maybe the shortcut should be displayed as a tooltip on hover of the preview button for everyone to see?