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Preloading a filter option from another page


I have tried using @Finsweet CMS filter. It works great at filtering on the page itself, but it is important for the user to be able to click a filter category from another page and go to that other page with those filters selected and pre-loaded.

I have tried using Add-on scripts for CMS Library for Webflow but it does not work and I cannot seem to get support so I need to find another way.

If someone has any idea of what kind of filter option would work for me I would really appreciate it. Thank you

Essentially this website is doing what I’m trying to achieve.

I made a little video to go into a bit more detail

Thanks cheers

Hi @chrisnice!

Finsweet just announced Attributes, which is their new home for all of their advanced Webflow functionality.

You should be able to achieve what you want by using the “I want to add query params to the URL when the user applies filters” option from the CMS filters page - that should allow you to create urls with the filters built in so that the page loads with the selected filters.

I hope that helps!

I have looked at that option.

However, I would like to be a bit more certain before I go off and rebuild everything. So let me see if I understand the instructions here.

  1. set up your filters using the attributes method.
    There is a great follow-along video that I have already watched and is pretty straightforward.

2 then set up each query param attribute on the same filter items? Is there a URL that is then generated that I can add to the links? There is just a short description and no visual of what this does so it makes me a bit uncertain.

If you setup the filters and use the URL query parameter option and then publish your site, you’ll be able to use the filters to create the URL. As you click/change filters, the URL will update, and you can copy and paste that URL for your links. Does that make sense?

Great, thank you for your clarification.

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The new attributes are way easier than trying to figure out all that javascript.

Here is a link to attributes solutions if anyone is interested.

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