Filter options from another page when using Finsweet Attributes CMS Filter

I’m creating a website using @Finsweet Attributes CMS Filter to create a page of resources for teachers and parents. On the homepage of this website I would like to have several options for a user to define what resources they are looking for. For example: Who they are, what language, and what grade level. I would like to then load my resources page based on their inputs.

I am aware that CMS Filter has a URL query parameter option, but from what I can tell, this is just for linking specific buttons to the page pre-filtered. I need to be able to alter a button’s url based on multiple inputs. Hopefully this makes sense.

Here are 2 screenshots of what the homepage and the filtered resources page would look like. On the homepage are 3 different inputs and a single button that would then take you to the resources page, pre-filtered.

If anyone has any ideas it would help me greatly. Thank you!!

Hello @Broussard ,
Did you find how to do it?
I have a similar project, could be very useful for me.
Thank you!

Hey @Fx_Baud in case you’re still interested.
This website was shared with me from someone much more clever than I am. I was able to fiddle around with the code enough to get it to work for my own purposes on my site. Hopefully it can be helpful to you as well.
read only link: Webflow - params from selections
Look for the code in the body tags of both the “home” page and “subpage”

Hi @Broussard ,
Im curious to know how you were able to filter your resources page based on the URL parameters from your search button?

Hey @Paolo, all of the filtering functions on my resources page where made using Finsweet attributes. Attributes by Finsweet
This video was very helpful in figuring out which different attributes I could use and how to use them.

So, because I had created a page full of filters which all add different parameters to the url, my original desire in this thread was to have buttons on another page that could add those different parameters to my url when loading my resources page. Then, because those parameters were now added to the url, it automatically applied the filters that were already associated with each parameter.

Hi @Broussard

Did you solve the function you were asking? Looking for something similiar and can’t implement it correctly.