How to pass Filters Params to Url and Preload the page with filters using Select Tag

Scenario of the function:

I want to pre-load the filters on another page when submitting a form from another page.

So in this page >> {LINK1}

I created a parameter and pass the values to another page.

In the another page, which is this: {LINK2}

The URL parameter values will be pre-loaded on the select tags.

I look up in this finsweet article

That It’s possible to use this.

But I’m using select fields and haven’t found any resources that matches the functionality that I want to achieve.

I tried the finsweet attributes Filter but it only works on 1 collection list. I have 4 Collection List that needed to be filter with only using two select tags [countries, cities].

So to finalize, I only want to pre-load the filters if the parameter URL exists in that page.

If anyone, knows jquery or how finsweet cms library works or how filter is loaded into the DOM Elements and can guide me to the issue. It would be a great help not only to me but also to other Webflow developers that’s having the same issue as mine.

Live links to re-create the scenario only:
Under (Tell me the Rules Form Section) // creating the url parameters and pass it to another page

// getting the url parameters and set it to the 2 select tags

Here is my public share link: [LINK]1
([how to access public share link]2)