Preloader doesn't actually load all assets (causes lag)

I have added a preloader to my website from the Webflow tutorial as I am looking for two videos (Less than 10MB total) to preload before brining the user into the site. When testing this on strong internet it works with no problems or lag. When I test on my LTE as well as testing on low latency it appears the preloader doesn’t really work as I intended. The site loads but when you interact with the site the videos are slows, slaggy, and sometimes freeze.

If the preloader is working correctly shouldn’t everything be loaded so it should not have any lag? Is there custom code I need to add? Any guidance here would be greatly appreciated. I am also open to having someone work on this part as a freelancer if they have a solution.

Main Problem: Videos lags/freeze while playing after preloading the site on a lower latency (e.g. 3 bars on 4g lte). When loading the site on strong wifi or 5G LTE it works with no problems on mobile.

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Application Site

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