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i have a strange preloader issue. Onload you see the site for a split second before the preloader appears. It’s a similar behavior described in this post.

None of the solutions work for me. I embedded the fonts and set the wf-loading class to opacity:0

Here is a link to see the behavior:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi there and welcome to the community @Daniel_Johari.

Whats the size of your preloader image? It looks like the image is too large (in size) to allow the preloader to start first. Could you add a link to your share preview?

Hi @Daniel_Johari

Are you using a When page starts loading trigger or When page finishes loading? If the latter, then this is expected behavior as the elements on the page will load before that preloader kicks on.

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Hey, thank you for the reply. I reduced the file size to 4kish for the logo and the loader has around 4k too.

Thank you for the hint! I just followed your preloader Video at the university. There you were talking about the trigger “when finished loading” - I was already wondering. Reducing the file size and changing the trigger does seem to do the trick. If you don’t mind I would appreciate if you could check it again on your machine.

oh and here is the link to your tutorial:

thanks a lot


unfortunatly the problem came back. Would you mind having a look into the file. Maybe you see something that i’m missing.

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