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Page Content loads before preloader

Hey there,

I’m experiencing an issue with the site I’m building which I’ve seen a couple of other people on the forum experience with no solution as of yet.

I followed the webflow youtube tutorial to build a preloader for the site, but on first load the content behind the preloader will often load before the preloader and you’ll see a flash of what’s behind.

I’ve already tried adding .wf-loading * { opacity: 0; } to the header and downloading the google font i’m using and uploading it to the site without sucess.

Hopefully someone can help with this? Anyone experienced the same issue and did you find a work around?

Here is my site Read-Only:

Yep my site does this in Chrome too. I just made the entire parent div (top of layer stack), opacity: 0, then added a page interaction that shows that div after page load. It may be a little slower but it will stop that flickering. Yeah it’s reaaallly annoying huh? It’s a browser issue.


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