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Prebuilt Layouts


I’ve stumbled upon a Webflow university page about prebuilt layouts which lookings quite promising and should help to reduce development time.

Unfortunately, I can’t find these layout options anywhere in the add-panel.
Is this some beta-feature?

Has anyone else seen this article or encountered it in the add-panel?



2020-02-02 14_31_28-Webflow - Datingsite Buildup


@Ozone I don’t have this option either - is it a setting you have to enable?

Here’s what my options look like:

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Yeah me neither, that’s why I was asking.
But, it seems like some users have this option enabled.

Oh that’s odd. Didn’t config it any way. Was just there. Maybe it’s only there when you start a new webflow site?

I also tried to start a new project and it didn’t show.
Even when using one of Webflows starter templates where these prebuilt layouts were used, they don’t show up.

Hey @Duskolo,

you’ve probably seen this on video, right?
This is going to be a new feature of Webflow.
Wait a few more days/weeks, then we will surely know and learn more about it.

Cheers and have a great week!

Dear Dennis,

OK, nice to hear new features are coming!
Yes, I saw it in a video.

Have a great time!