Prebuilt layouts changes

I’m following a webflow course that was only made a few months ago, and yet the prebuilt layouts section that she’s referencing (in the add layouts section) is no longer there. Many of the prebuilt layouts she refers to don’t have an analogue (for instance ‘cards’) in the new add layouts section. Am I missing something or have their been massive changes recently?

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Hi @coozman,

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Could you send through the video you’re referring to? Or a screenshot of the layouts section?

Is it these prebuilt layouts you’re referring to? Prebuilt layouts in Webflow | Webflow University

Hey mww, thanks!
I can’t attach the video because it’s linkedinlearning video.
But here’s a screenshot of how her’s looks
wf pb 1
And a screenshot of how mine looks:

As you can see they’re very different (for instance mine does not have the subscribe form or cards prebuilt).
And yes, those are the prebuilt layouts i’m referring to but they aren’t in webflow now.

Thanks for sending that through! I see what you mean.

I believe the new prebuilt layouts section you’re seeing is being tested for release.

I created a cloneable project that you can copy this cards section from here: pre-built-cards - Webflow

Hope this helps!

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Now I can’t figure out how to import that card into my existing page…

Hi @coozman,

You should be able to copy and paste the section between projects:

Please let me know if this doesn’t work for you!

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Hey thanks, that worked, I hadn’t cloned it yet that’s why it wasn’t working at first. Thanks again.