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Pre Built Layouts

Wanted to check in before I get too excited like I did with CMS, Search Bar and Forms. If we use the new “Pre Built Layouts” do we have to host with Webflow, asking for a friend, lol.

Hey Rob,

The pre-built layouts is a handy feature that enables you to create your site with existing elements ‘packaged’ together to create the section you need (a bit like copying and pasting from one project to another)

The layouts will have pre-defined settings and ‘layout’, but essentially they are existing elements that you could use to construct the layout yourself (the idea is that it will save you time)

SO…do you need to host with Webflow if using Pre-Built Layouts?? - NO

Hope that helps.

Very Helpful, why do I need to leave 20 characters minimum,
Thank You should be enough, lol


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