Poor website performance (I feel like I'm stuck forever)


Contacting here as it’s my last glimmer of hope.
I’m struggling with the performances of my website. Today on the performance side, Google Speed Insight says I’ve got “45” in performance with a total blocking time around 900 ms, a LCP load of a few seconds, and same for the FCP.

On some pages, my performance is at 45, but it varies to 89 if I get in private navigation. However, I still get 2+ or 3+ seconds for my LCP and my FCP despite the “80+” grade and it prevents my perfs to be good (+95).

As a non-tech guy, I discussed with ChatGPT and through the insights of this forum to find out how to get better with my performances. However, after trying a lot of different things such as lazily load some javascript files, or delay the render time, nothing has really changed. I’m quite limited into the things I can do. Later during the process of trying to improve, I found out that my js and css files are actually the things that seem to block all the render time of my website. I now assume that if I’m able to fix the load of those files, it might greatly improve my whole website performance.

But the problem is, today, I’m stuck in the things I can implement. There is no new improvement suggested by ChatGpt, and my technical skills are very limited to understand what i’m really pasting to my body or my header section.

Does anyone have insights of what I can do to have once again leverage on my website performance ?

Thanks alot

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hi @Axel_Le_Royer I have now tested your site and performance looks good on homepage.
You have mentioned issues on some pages but didn’t mention what pages. Anyway, as you can see on screenshots you have an errors related to Weglot and another issues that should be fixed first as a connection that can’t be reached (generally any ERRORS) will delay rest of request. This may be your issue.

Another things I saw in code of your live site m-work.co is your Weglot API_KEY this can be a big issue if it is not public key.

This is a bad idea if you are not familiar with topic you are asking for because chatGPT has tendency often “hallucinating” → (technical term for AI wrong answers). you can find more about this topic on internet.



good luck

Hi Stan,

Thanks for your time on my problem.
Indeed, here are the links of the page you can see are problematic on the Semrush page, don’t know if you can get more insights from those:
=> https://www.m-work.co/rse-teletravail
=> Analyse de données
=> Intégrations et sécurité
=> Notre vision

I guess the bad performances come from the mobile, as I also see good performances on the desktop pages.

Do you know / have any inputs on how I can fix the two errors you just highlighted (WeGlot and the other one you were mentioning). Because I don’t really know what fixing the Weglot API Key mean on Webflow, or at least how to do that. Same for the other mistakes. Anything you can share with me would be sick!

Also, despite those errors, have you noticed something else to have a look on ? Or you think fixing those issues might correct the problem of the mobile performances ?

Thanks again

IMO performance on mobile is fine. Do not relay on there data but I understand that people do for no reason. If it feels fast it is fast.

not really but it may. As I have mentioned mobile performance looks good to me.

No, I have never used Weglot, you should go to their documentation and try ask on their forum to get help . Copy pasting code is never good idea if you do not know what code does.

Sorry I can’t help further. I hope someone using Weglot will help.

you can always hire developer :man_shrugging:

@Axel_Le_Royer - When doing performance optimization gigs on Webflow projects, I clone the project and start isolating and testing so the impact of everything can be measured. I even go as far as dynamically loading assets and elements that are impactful when visitors would benefit. This process is not trivial and can be time-consuming. Please reach out if you need to take your site to the highest speed possible on a hosted Webflow project. I am well-versed in this space.

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Thanks Jeff for your inputs. I’ll try a few tests on my side before contacting you !

@Axel_Le_Royer my man. watch this.

Here’s the code I’m showing in the video.


Hey Chris,

Sorry for the late answer and HUGE THANKS for your video, i’ll implement your tips in the coming days. I’ll come back to you if it works (or not ahah) or if I have question

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chris you rock! we’ve been trying to improve our lighthouse performance score for months to no avail. i came across your post and yesterday we implemented everything you suggested on our site (reflection.app) and we went from about 30 percent scrore to 90+.

thanks again!!

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Just understand that you will most certainly miss bounce visitors in analytics since the script won’t fire. May or may not be an issue for you.

happy it helped. I’ll agree with @webdev (Jeff) here. If you use analytics with Tag Manager, you won’t be able to see the bounces. However, if you implement GA4 from the Webflow (under the project settings by pasting your measurement ID) - you should not see any problems.