Blank page and Google Fonts are still loaded

Hi there,

Unfortunately I need again help to remove Remote Google Fonts from a website to get fine with the European GDPR. I have done that with many pages. But this page is strange.

I replaced all Google Fonts through local hosted font. But I check that with a Google Fonts Page Checker, I get always the message that Google Fonts are still loaded.

So I removed ALL the content, a blank page! Still the same message. I inspect the code and here is the bad guy:

What’s that?? And how do I remove it??

Please help!!! It is a serious issue in Germany.

Hey Marc, you’ll need to share a readonly link for us to have a look.
Also will help if you share a link to a published version of that page, since we cannot publish your readonly site to see the result.

Hi @MHGRAFIKDESIGN I have now checked how it works on blank new page to install and remove GFonts and fonts are removed as expected and there is no google font reference in <head> once GFonts are removed.

Only one way that may cause your issue is there can be somewhere some element or css that use GFonts.

I have found for you link to Webflow video how to solve this issue.

You can get Gfonts from original site or here is link to google-webfonts-helper to download fonts that also generate code snippets.

Hi @memetican Mike! Yeah, sorry! Herr ist the link:

And the live site:

As I said before the Google Font is still loaded if the site is completely blank. It was only a try. Therefore I upload the site again.

Hi @Stan,

Many thanks! Yes, I know the Google Fonts Helper. I have replaced the Remote Google Fonts with local hosted Fonts on many sites.

But at this spesific site a Google Font is still loaded, if I removed everything and I published the blank site with no elements. And the Google Font ist still loaded.

I have no idea. Therefore I published the normal site again.

HI @MHGRAFIKDESIGN I thing I have found where issue is but I can’t prove it as I’m not allowed to save changes. :wink:

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Ah, ok! And what have you done? Perhaps you could explain it and I will try it by myself.

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Marc Hörnschemeyer

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Hi @MHGRAFIKDESIGN did you watch the video? There is everything you need to know.


Many thanks for your video! Awesome! I have updated the class with the local Oswald Webfont also. But it is still a font loaded.

This is really strange. Even if I remove all elements and publish the blank site with body tag only. I expected the blank site and I guess this is the bad guy:

<html data-wf-domain="" data-wf-page="60d6e35bbd1b497e4a9949bb" data-wf-site="60d6e35bbd1b494c4f9949b9" lang="de" class="w-mod-js wf-oswald-n3-active wf-oswald-n2-active wf-oswald-n4-active wf-oswald-n7-active wf-oswald-n5-active wf-oswald-n6-active wf-active w-mod-ix">

Do you have any idea? Or @memetican ?

HI @MHGRAFIKDESIGN there are still 3 classes using GFonts “Oswald” check video how to find them

Note: before you will do your check you should DELETE all unused CSS (you have 96) as mentioned in first video to make your life easier as some of these classes I have mentioned may be unused. :wink:

@Stan , awesome! I identified them und removed them. Now the site is fine.

Now I also know how to check and find the specific classes! Many many thanks! :star_struck: