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Posting ECommerce website help

Dear readers

I am in desperate need to understand how to achive the following website structure.

I am wanting to make a posting website where any user is able to come on, create an account and the post a small detailed “article” on something such as a product.

I want it to follow a similar structure as amazon however before users can share their product they will have to pay a set fee to the website owner.

Is this possible in anyway such as by using a blog or somthing
Thank you so much

It sounds like you want to build a custom app. This is not Webflow’s forte. You could hobble together a bunch of third party resources to potentially pull it off, but personally I would not bother. But then again, I am a developer. You may want to look at something like if you want to build a no code app.

Is there any way i could find a developer like you to build it for me?

I require a functional specification in order to price work. Creating them is paid work for me. You can post your requirements in the freelance category. You can also PM me if you have a budget.

sorry sir for being a pain how do i go about pm’ing you ?

Click on my name -> go to profile, click message.

Ok ye its not showing up anywhere sorry. If you are interested in talking the nit would be awesome to pm me to start the feed :slight_smile:

I am also facing some issue while working on eCommerce website. As I am working in finance sector so I am working with stepchange number,and while I was working with both I got error. Can any one tell me how to solve this.