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Marketplace and User Listings

Hello everyone!

Unsure if this is the right section, please let me know if it isn’t!

Do you know if something like this is possible via webflow, on it’s own or via integrations?

The brief is for an online market place, where the following is possible:

  • Users, for Buyers and sellers
  • Sellers can post new products to sell, they need to post Images and text fields.
  • Sellers can unpublish their post after the item’s sold.
  • There are no transactions between Sellers and Buyers. Buyers simply get a contact form and a number to contact sellers.
  • Buyers can contact sellers, e.g. via online form.
  • Buyers can comment and rate Sellers.
  • Buyers can suscribe to the website, and pay a monthly fee to become sellers, under a plan of their choosing, that grants how many listings they can post and if their posts are featured or highlighted.

That covers it, but if not, this is a reference site of what the client wants:

If not possible on WF, any suggestions on how to best set this up?


Hi @Yaco you can not do it in webflow. You need some backend development work with programming language like python,php or node.js to achieve this results.

Thanks for the reply. Yep, have opted to offer the client other alternatives. For anyone that’s comes here looking for tips:

I’m offering to design the templates on Webflow, then exporting code to hand over to a third party for them to develop functionality as per the client’s exact needs.

Alternatively, if budget is an issue, I’m offering to set them up on either Shopify, which is quite streamlined and functional and can meet some requirements via the Multi Vendor Plugin, but will have limitations to design and functionality if they don’t spend on deeper customization. Subscription.

And , which looks quite robust via their multivendor option. Similar limitations to Shopify, however, they seem to have a more robust set of functional options out of the box. One-off payment.

Hi @Yaco.
Foxy may be able to help here. Maybe we can setup a call tomorrow or Friday to discuss your needs in detail? Please message at your convenience.


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Hello Foxy, we are currently developing a platform that needs almost anything @Yaco described.
We are curios if there’s any change that you can schedule a meeting with us as well

Thank you for getting in touch. Mind sending us an email with details on your project needs and then we can get a call scheduled:

Thanks so much!


Is there any update on the same topic???

Any updates??? Please tell me if any I want to build a multi-vendor e-commerce website where people can inbox me with price and quotation.