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Entrepreneur with ideas but no idea about code!

Hi! i am looking to build a review website with the ability to filter the reviews (posted by people who have an account) based on certain criteria. I have tried a few no code web builders but all seem to be for either blogs or ecommerce. Is Webflow any use to me? i have had a play and watched a few tutorials but have had no luck so far. Any one able to help/point me in the right direction? thankyou :slight_smile:

Hi @Glamourguide,

I can help you into this as relevant skills & expertise.

Please check your PM.


@Glamourguide I recommend you to check out as it is not possible with Webflow without third party integrations and custom code. is a great option albeit more technical than Webflow, imo. I haven’t delved into the platform so perhaps I missed it- but I am not sure if code exporting is supported and what the TOS of their code is i.e is it a locked system?

But either way, once you add user accounts into the equation Webflow becomes technical very quickly, and I am not a huge fan of building a core function around 3rd party membership platforms.