Posted a Webflow service on Fiverr

I notice there is no service on Fiverr for Webflow template creation. So I decided to offer a service to build a Webflow template from a custom design.

Thought I would post it here to generate some interest and get some feedback on the Gig.



So are you creating templates for $5? Wow! Why don’t you create templates and sell here on Webflow? You may earn much more and do only one time.

Not a complete template no. It starts at $5 for home page only and only for simple designs. Then additional pages are extra @ $20/page

It is crazy low, but as long as I have a design to work from it can be done quite quickly with webflow.

I am working on some Webflow templates as well. But its a longer project since its creating the design concept from scratch and then also implementing it.

Do you sell templates on Webflow?

Understood. I’m finishing my 1st one…


$5…must go much farther in South Africa than here in the States. Even a very basic one page is going to take an hour or longer to execute well, design and responsiveness wise.

It goes further I am sure but not a lot!

$5 does not include any responsiveness, this is extra as with internal pages.

I don’t think it will be long term, will do a few and see how it goes. But I noticed there are no other webflow ads so thought I will try it.

It will only work if buyers upsell and include more pages since $5 is peanuts really.

Right, I wouldn’t touch even a one page layout for $5. If it takes you an hour charge your hourly rate because you are basically building your client a custom page not really just filling in a template. Seems like you are really undervaluing your service as a designer :grinning: Maybe that’s the price your market supports…regardless good luck grabbing a few jobs.


Thanks for your sentiments. I can’t argue any of it. To be honest you are confirming what I have been thinking.

I have not built websites for clients for a few years now. Have been employed for a company doing all internal design. Now back in the game and looking for places to start and build up a portfolio.

Maybe fiverr is not the best choice after all.


100% agree with @jdesign. Everyone’s market is different, but the only thing I would consider giving out for $5 is a very simple layout that only took a few minutes to build, and I wouldn’t be customizing any content or structure. It’s just not worth it to me, and not for my market. Going rates around me for even a small landing page are close to $1000, let alone a several page website. To each their own though!

$5… wow. That’s 3m45s of my regular hour rate. Please don’t be that guy who can do everything for almost free. It’s ruining market…



I strongly agree.


I completely get where you are coming from because I started my own business a few years back. Pricing has to be among the top most challenging business decisions to make. You want business so you are tempted to price towards the low end but you know what you are doing is worth much more. In my market there were people advertising fully custom (3-5 pages plus blog setup) responsive sites for $500 and I knew that couldn’t match that and make a living much less grow my business and skills. However, I saw that there seemed to be a lot of undisclosed or very hidden pricing add-ons that actually made sites run closer to $5000 for an actual custom design - the $500 option was only changing colors and content of a 3 page layout.

Personally, I like to be very transparent with my clients, give them a quality site that suits where they are in their business now – I don’t believe in setting up and charging for every bell and whistle if the business owner will really only use on or two tools. I did get lucky, because a couple of calls came in from businesses that had sites built by competitors and they weren’t happy with either the result or pricing which was really eye opening. I went back to the drawing board on pricing, looked closely at my local and regional market and came up with rates based on the complexity of the work and a base rate that I use for very basic hourly work. I started winning better clients (ones that understand value of service), am able to produce better work, the clients are seeing positive results and I’m really able to foster the client relationships and have earned repeat business and referrals.

I’m still growing my business so it’s not like I have hundreds of clients but I do manage at least one new site a month and usually two possible three (depending on size/complexity). I’m thankful for the business and so far, I’m pretty happy with the results.

All unsolicited advice but there it is :grin: Good luck making those decisions!


Hey @andyjames rather than undercut the market and sell yourself short. If you want to build up your portfolio go and take on some jobs from Freelanship:

Tons of opportunities to build up your portfolio, gain experience, and avoid selling yourself short.


I’m in agreement with everyone here. It seems like you are selling yourself short.

Always try and price to the value of what you’re providing (which isn’t easy).
A higher price for a better service will attract better clients. The clients that understand your value are who you want, not bargain hunters.

There are really only two paths;

Charge full value for your time and knowledge.


Donate your time to causes you value.

Happy Designing :smile:


Thank you to everyone for their honest feedback. It was exactly what I was looking for and confirmed my doubts.

I decided you were all right and disabled the Gig a day later.

Since then I have been working on a few template concepts for Webflow. One in particular is nearing completion and I am thinking I should get some feedback from the community very soon.

DocEezy is a Documentation & site help Webflow template. It has various content types and layouts to display them. Such as Tutorials, Videos, Questions & Answers.

Here is a sneak peek

I’d prefer to not make the link public yet. But if anyone is interested in taking a look and giving me some feedback, let me know and upload a link somewhere and share it with you.


this looks great…love the idea…and love the ipsum you used :smile:

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That looks lovely @andyjames :slight_smile: I’m excited to see the finished product! I could see A LOT of companies using that type of template for documentation & help pages. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I must say it was a really fun project to do with Webflow!

Here is another sneak peek:

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Great template! Looks very smooth and polished :smile:

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