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Designer Marketplace (DESTROY FIVERR!)

OK… last wish for now. :smile:

Please consider fleshing out the designer section of webflow and make it a full-blown designer marketplace. Just like fiverr but a place with actual talent. Fiverr blows. This place rocks. It should be easy to get quotes and secure a designer, webflow takes a piece of the action and everyone wins!

You guys should have MILLIONS in funding secured already!!! Really incredible potential here. Your interface/designer is easily better than anything Microsoft has ever done. I have had my nose in their technology for over a decade now and I am tired of their garbage and ready to make the jump.

Anyways, that is all,


Well if you’re going to Fiverr for web design you get what you pay for. People don’t realize how negatively a crap website can hurt their business. It’s these older folk that still watch tv when the shows actually air that are jumping at a $5 website.

Marketplaces are dumb and insulting to designers and developers. All it ends up being is undercutting and crappy, desperate “designers” that jump to the top because of the impossibily cheap prices and quick turnaround times.

Marketplaces like freelancer, 99 designs, etc… saturate the hell out of this industry enough. We don’t need another one where currency differences can make it good for some but impossible to compete with for others.


I agree… but, you don’t think it’s possible to have a QUALITY marketplace with actual talent? Looks like webflow already has it, it just needs additional tools and process built around it to improve it (and create an additional revenue stream for webflow to promote/encourage its success).

What is sure is that the Designers’ section is great, already full of good features, kind of incredible for a first version. We all can’t wait for what’s going to happen in the future with this platform. I remember that when it’s been unveiled, it was totally unexpected. It’s now a huge reason why the community got a nice dynamic.

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Yes, I agree. After actually going through and browsing the Designers this morning I was able to get what I need. I would still like to see deeper integration with webflow as a middleware solution. Maybe leaving it as is works well, as that will keep the fiverr hacks where they are… don’t need to be tempting them into places where they shouldn’t be. :wink:

Hi @MikeEEE, we like the idea of a designer marketplace, but I doubt we will try to make a Fiverr kind of service out of Webflow.

Webflow is a professional design tool, and when we do have a marketplace, it will be for professional designers and people who want to become professional designers.

:slight_smile: Cheers, Dave


Thanks for your reply @cyberdave … I think I landed on the answer to my own question, haha. Really a fan of your service. You have a lot to be proud of here!

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