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Post Request Validation Failure "Field not described in schema"


I am facing this 400 Validation Error when trying to create a live item through the API:

This is the Schema in Webflow CMS:
The problem is that the field names in the POST request are the same as in the CMS, so I am not sure why the response returns “Field not described in schema” errors

This is the post request:

I would appreciate your help!

Just to double check: you didn’t literally pass “<collection_id>” to the POST url, right?

Assuming you did pass the valid collection id (e.g. 6079c6fdaf1a1758367a8ceb), then my guess is that you didn’t publish the site since you added those CMS fields. Publish the site and try again.

Hi Marc,
Thanks for your help

I used the proper collection ID and we tested before and after publishing, no difference. :frowning_face:

Hey @MatthewSpiegelhalter :wave:

I responded to your support conversation as well, but wanted to cross post here for anyone else running into a similar issue.

It looks like you may have updated your CMS Collection Field names at some time. The API will continue to use the original field name even if you have changed it. Doing a Get All Items for a Collection API call will return all of the original field slugs that you should use.

Let me know if you have any other questions.