Where do I get a list of all collection field ids?

I’m building a workflow using Pipedream and need to all of my collection’s custom field ids in order to map my data from my podcast RSS feed to create a new collection item. I keep receiving the error, “Field not described in schema” and found [this old post](Post Request Validation Failure “Field not described in schema”) which was sort of useful except that the ‘List Collection Items’ GET req doesn’t return field ids.

How can I query the CMS api to return a list of all of a collection’s ids (historic, including updated field names/ids)?

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You can get the collection item schema (inc. field IDs) with Get Collection

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Thanks @bullshark but I’m still getting this validation error when I try to create a new item using the field ids found on the response from the Get Collection query. Do you know why?

  const itemData = {
    name: steps.trigger.event.title,
    slug: createSlug(steps.trigger.event.title),
    _archived: false, 
    _draft: false,
    "762ae9a83c5ec4425c659d57d52b8cf5": steps.trigger.event.image,

Hard to say looking at those 2 screen shots and I’ve not used Pipedream.