Possible to connect ordered list of images through CMS collection?

Hello all!

Wondering if it’s possible to design a CMS collection that displays specific images in the order that their values are entered into the list.
I’m wanting to start on a website which displays different characters’ movelists from different fighting games. I’ve attached a screenshot of my figma mockup for one of the characters. The CMS collection I’d like to have would assign the specific images for the inputs in the order that they need to be in.

Because of the game having several different characters which all use the same notation for their moves, a CMS collection feels like t would be a no-brainer, I’m just unsure of how to set this up and I don’t see any collection presets that would fit this simply. Wondering if anyone has any experience with this kind of setup.

Thank you!

Welcome to the forum Slime!

If i understand you correctly, you want to show an list of images of a CMS item that can be sorted to your liking; if this is the case, this is how!

  1. Create a Multi-image field

  1. Order it how you like

  1. Link collection list to multi-image field

  1. Select “Get image from blog posts”

Hi Rory!

This is exactly what I need- I’ve followed your instruction, but for whatever reason it’s not giving me the option to select a multi-image field from the “image settings” section:

Maybe I’m missing something? Thank you for spending some time helping me out here, I really appreciate it

I think you still need to collect the collection list itself to the multi-image field!

Hi Rory, I’ve got it linked but it is still not showing- I must be missing something. Screenshot below, and I have a share link here if you could take a look:


Ah, I see. My example was on the CMS page of the item itself. To use it on any other page, you’re going to have to create a collection list inside a collection list. Like so:

The problem with this is that you can only have one nested collection list per page (I’m afraid that’s going to be a problem in your case). You won’t have this issue if you use the CMS page of the item itself, could that be a feasible solution?

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Hi Rory!

Not exactly ideal, BUT not detrimental either. I appreciate your help in getting me through this!


Other additional information that might be of use for your project are Finsweet attributes, especially nesting maybe useful: