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Sort order of nested collection list


I am struggling with the sort order of News on the website…

I’m sorting the articles based on months and each month has multi-reference of related articles… But for some reason, there is no way to sort nested collections… Is there any way around it, even with custom code? The design is approved so I don’t really want to do some stepbacks and I really don’t understand is why that function is not there at all… such no-brainer :frowning:

Read only link → Webflow - Pekárek

Thanks for any advice!

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I struggled with the same issue! But then I realized that the order of the items in the nested collection was actually set when I added the items to the top level collection. So, when I create an article in my CMS and add multiple events to be listed on it, the order of these events is defined by the order in which I add them. Hope it makes sense.