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Displaying the same CMS images multiple pages but also ability to select

Hi Webflow!
I’m trying to display the same set of images from a CMS collection on every dynamic page (for each city my website has listed). Easy enough.

But I also want to be able to manually change the images. So on a certain city, I would want to be able to go in and change the image.

Should I have 2 CMS collections? One for the ones on every page and one CMS list with the ones I can choose? Or can this be achieved with 1 CMS list?

I don’t have a working example to show you guys yet.

Here is what the current CMS entry page looks like.

Instead of choosing the CMS items manually in that box, would there be a way to force it to automatically fill the containers with CMS items from a collection list automatically?

You could probably use conditional visibility for this. Add the image for the correct city, then set it so it only displays if the correct city is chosen (you’d need a field in the CMS items for city).

Or is this even easier? You do have image fields in the CMS right - you could just add the images there?