Possibility to re-import html back into Webflow

Is it possible after you export code. Let a customer change the text inside the coding itself. Then load the code back? Or do I just need to go through it and replace the new text with the old?

Thanks for the insight!


Export is one-way only.

You can’t reimport. if you need the client to update texts, you can use the CMS features. You don’t even need to make collections (database) you can specify some static text to be editable. Once loggued in, the client can change the text directly in the pages, and it syncs back to your webflow project.

Thank you for the CMS lesson. Just thought maybe there was some way to simply replace the file in my websites folder if I had access to it. My client is HTML knowledgeable and has their own hosting. CMS would be a monthly payment for a temporary client.

Thanks everyone!

It’s also worth noticing that you can’t export CMS content, even as flat, at the moment.

Need this too as my customer will want to modify parts of text, but is not willing to pay for cms at this time, it will be only a first phase in which he’ll do some minor text adjustments according to his will.

Using git

One way could be (but it’s more of a question) to structure a git worflow:

  • First you download html from webflow and push it online, (to git master branch)

  • customer modifies site, then code is pulled from git as new branch

  • I edit a few things in webflow, download code again, add it to git as a third branch

  • I apply edits from “customer branch” to this third branch and then push it online.

I am not skilled in git so maybe this is not even possibile, but I think it should be, it’s like having two users work on two different parts of a project and then merge their work together.
Could it work?