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Feedback on portfolio

Hey guys,

I’m looking for feedback on my portfolio. Could you please provide some of your perspective as to what you like, don’t like, and how it might be improved? I’m not really a full designer. I’m more of a generalist right now and trying to transition into something I can truly go deep into.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


Hey cjroe,

Some really impressive stuff in there! I really appreciate your explanations for each project and also that you’ve explained your roles for each & how your role fitted into the team – too often in my old art team we would look through portfolios and it wasn’t clear what part of a team project the designer had contributed themselves.

One thing I’d possibly consider looking at is the typography, if you look at a section like this:

I think you could have a bit more hierarchy and contrast there. Sure the title is the biggest, but all the font weights, letter-spacing, character widths etc. are relatively similar and the date / category isn’t too far off the project teaser description in terms of its hierarchy.

So perhaps you could look at a bolder sans-serif to contrast with your use of Lora & make the dates / category smaller or less prominent?

PT Sans is a great font and fits the technical style of your work well, but you could also try a few other sans-serifs that might feel a little less cold / corporate and inject a bit of personality, too. A different sans-serif could also help with the contrast as you could experiment with ones that for example had slightly wider character widths or were more geometric etc. to contrast more with the character shapes of Lora.

I’ve also noticed your using both Roboto and PT Sans - but I’d stick with just one throughout as there isn’t enough contrast between the two to warrant using both imo.

One final thing is that you could possibly look at different color palettes to show each project against instead of the homepage colours - might give a nice contrast to the sites themselves and allow you to use brighter / bolder colours should you want to. I think you could still represent the technical nature of your work well but perhaps feel a little less cold in the process. If you wanted you could look at a platform like Adobe Color and see if you liked any of their color palettes.

Hope some of that’s useful!


Hey, this is really clean! I enjoy the layout… Its easy to navigate and looks nice!

If I had to be picky, the only thing I don’t like too much is the scaling is too big in my opinion on hover. A little goes a long way. I think if the element was a bit smaller than it wouldn’t be so bad, but I think if you made the scaling on hover a lot smaller it would feel a bit more premium instead of trying to make the interaction too apparent rather than just giving a satisfied feeling that lets you know you can click that element.

Just my advice though! Good work!

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Yep, i’d agree there - it looks like both the containing box and site preview image have an interaction, but both seem too large/fast/harsh to my eyes.

Like @Noah-R says, I would make it slightly smaller scaling, but also slow it down a little. Maybe for the site preview image, have it fade-up on hover, so a slightly different effect to the scaling of the main container.

Your other pages seemed to take around 4 seconds to load…seems strange?

Hope that’s useful

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Thanks for the feedback guys. I’ll take a closer look and give you an update here.