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Pop up not working in grid layout - cms

Hi there
I have a list of people in a cms - with some text and image.
The layout is just the images of people arranged with a grid layout.
When hovering over an image, a div with basic info appears from the bottom of the image. Also a more info “button”.
When clicking on the “button” a pop up card, covering the whole screen should appear.
And that’s where the fun starts.
I’m not able to show the pop up card properly. Either it wont show at all or it will only show inside the div holding the image.
The pop up has a z-value higher than anything on the page, and is set to cover.
Any ideas?

Here is my public share link: [LINK](Webflow - Ymir-technologies)

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No idea why the pop up is showing up within the div holding the image, tried a bit but couldn’t figure it out, would suggest stripping it down to find the issue