Popup modal appearing inside CMS item

Hey there,

Preface: I am a beginner :smiley:

So I have a problem with a CMS library popup model, I have a grid of images, and when users click on a image I want to show a full screen popup. I’ve nested them as siblings to the items in the list, and I’ve created an interaction. All works so far.

The Problem: Whenever I click on an item, the popup shows up within the bounds of the item itself, instead of full screen (even though its position is set to fixed. relative to Body)

someone pls help :sweat_smile:

Its the (Browse Talent page)
Here is my read only link:

hi @avvab your issue is related to collection :hover animation. Once interaction is deleted modal will work as expected so you should pay attention what you scaling. :wink:


:exploding_head: YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER! :exploding_head:

Thank you very much!

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