Pop-up modal position issue

I have a pop-up modal, and it behaves not as I intended it to be.
In the 2nd tab/ 2nd project:
When I open a pop-up first time on the 2nd project - it sticks to the upper part of the website,
but when I open it again - it’s at the bottom of the page.
Can you please help me how to resolve this problem?

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Thank you!

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Hello @Nataliia_Ivanova

It seems that you have added animation here twice as once it is attached to the class itself and another one is added to this element specifically.

Another issue you will likely have with this is the fact that you are targetting only one element with this animation rather than the class of that element meaning that it always opens the same one. However make sure that your HTML is set up in a way that will allow for class selectors in interactions panel to be selected properly.

Flow Ninja Team!

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Thank you, Marco!
I’ll edit this one and see how it’ll work