Two Pop-up Links on one page - always showing at top?

Hey guys!

One of my clients had their site built on webflow by someone else but they have a ton of errors that I am trying to resolve for them.

The main one being there are 2 CTA Pop-up buttons on many of the pages. There is only one popup throughout the site, so the 2 buttons open the same pop-up.

My issue is that when a user clicks a CTA button at the bottom of a page, the popup appears at the top of the page but does NOT scroll to the top. So it looks as though the button didn’t work unless the user happens to scroll up (which is not great for conversations).

Can anyone provide a solution or advice? Thank you!

Can you share a read only link?

It sounds like the div wrapping the popup needs its position changed to fixed

Oh weird that it didn’t show up!

Here are the links: Webflow - RocketCart


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As @Optimus0087 said change the popup’s position to fixed


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Always the simplest solution! Thank you all!