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CMS popup modal issues

Good day, everyone!

I’m hoping to get an assist with an issue I’ve been unable to figure out. It appears my interaction is set up correctly, and it was indeed working previously with another project I have created. Not sure if it was something I tweaked without noticing or some kind of display glitch on the Webflow side.

The intended behavior should be fairly obvious. On the “Staff, Board, and Collaborators” page, I’d like to have an on-click interaction. The user clicks the staff member photo, which triggers a modal pop-up containing their bio. This all seems to work fine when I click through the interactions, but when I click on the trigger in preview mode or in the browser, the modal container pops up within the collection item rather than across the full screen. Then when I hover out of the collection item’s boundaries I get a glitchy behavior where the correct display sort of blinks off and on.

I checked my interactions and I don’t see any hover state animations, which is interesting because the interaction seems to break when hovering in and out of a collection item. Hopefully this is a quick fix or some kind of designer bug that is being resolved. Either way, thanks in advance!

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hi @Morgan_Decker it is not a bug. To make your modal work as it should there are several things you should consider to change (fix) in your elements positioning. First stripe down all the fancy stuff and make the modal to work. Once is done add fancy stuff back.