Poor PageSpeed Insights performance


I’m getting a very low mobile and desktop performance score on PageSpeed Insights. I’ve compressed all of my images as much as I can using squoosh but the site still loads painfully slow.

I’ve noticed there’s a blank white screen that shows while the screen is loading for a few seconds. Is there a way I can hide this screen and just have the images load visibly?

The live url is here:

The PageSpeed Insights results are here:

Hi @joepr
Without seeing a read-only link, there’s no way for anyone to assess your build to see easily how you’ve built the site.
There are many threads on the forum where people discuss PageSpeed Insights. It is very possible to get good results within Webflow.

Hi @Smith-Cordell

Apologies, please find the read-only link here.


Hi @joepr

Without doing a lot of digging, here are a few quick things that will help

  1. In the styles manager, click cleanup as you have 117 CSS classes that you are not using
  2. some of your images are set up as background images. These are not delivered with responsive size tags by Webflow. Change these to image blocks.
  3. You are using video content. Videos take up a lot of bandwidth. Your site is about 32MB. Needs to be much smaller, especially for mobile.
  4. It looks like your website is needing to download quite a lot of scripts from Wix before it can load (this is probably causing the white screen). If you absolutely must use third party scripts, either add them to the body tag instead of the head or make sure that you add async to the script tag so it doesn’t block page load. EDIT: I think this may have something to do with the iframes you have in the hidden embeds.

Thanks for the reply, @Smith-Cordell this is very helpful.

How can I see the third party scripts? I can’t think of any wix scripts that I’m using so that’s kinda confusing me.

Also, I deleted all the classes as well as the hidden iframes on the hero page but the delay still occurs…

Is there a way I can have the images render instantly and blur before they load? I’m probably explaining that awfully, but you can see it on this site:

Hi @joepr

Wix owns Editor X, which is where the target of the iframes I believe. So that is likely why it was pulling scripts from Wix servers.

Your PageSpeed scores have drastically improved since you made those changes. The page also appears to load a lot quicker too.

You still have some images as background images on div blocks. I would remove those and replace them with image blocks.

Wow…the first test is on mobile the second one on desktop…it is just normal that desktop is faster than mobile…are you scamming?