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Poll: How should URLs in Publish Dropdown work?

Hey all! I’m sure all of you have used the new publish feature now that it’s been out for several days. When we were designing it we had a tough time deciding what’s the best UX for the URL’s in the publish dropdown and would love your input.

What would you prefer:

  • Clicking on the url will always activate the checkbox either on or off.
  • Clicking on the url will always open it in a new tab.

I don’t know what to click… I’m used to click the little arrow to get to the site already, but what I wish was the published-button-turned-green to become a visit button. It’s where I still try to click on.

Oh I like that. “Open in a new tab”. If multiple domains were published we can try to open all of them in new tabs.

You kind of made it like that already… when you think about it, it’s a pretty neutral button that you click and that turns… green! Logically, it should have a waiting state and host the processing msg/animation. And get the focus when turning green so Enter can launch the new tab. I don’t know how it’s possible but that would be great if instead of opening a new tab each time, it was refreshing the first opened one. (I think I remember some software doing this…)